butterfly catcher

25 06 2009

I am wearing jewellery by the coolest designers in SL! completely addicted to knuckle rings<3 The ring says girlicious, but I wish it said fabulous instead. yeah, just like i would totally wear a pair of sunglasses that flashed different words and said "go. to. shade. throne. now. now. NOW NOW NOW" !!!! ❤

When I was in glow studio eyeing the eyelash fatpacks (haha), I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, who was setting up the new release vendors. I thanked her for the group gifts and said her eyelashes were really special. She said they were glad to hear that because they hoped to make unique items, and I think this butterfly effect eye decoration is so, so stunning. It was ridiculously easy to fit too, i just put it on and bam. perfect fit. The armidi shorts are my favorite because they are perfectly textured and I have the exact same pair in real life. The jacket/highwaisted layer can be taken off so they work as normal shorts too.

My weakness for sales has led to the death of my lindens, and this month has been full of them thanks to very generous designers. I spent a lot of time drowning in lag and going back several times to each sale – I think i went back like 7 times to the novocaine one. This loot is from the SG sale – I was just sighing at my wishlist of SG items (a friend introduced me to the store) and two days later, they had a 24hour sale! I desperately went and bought lindens and went crazy haha. I LOVE the boots – I bought the blue pair also, and now wish I had got the gray-pink as well. (Do you ever buy something, try it on, and then wish you had decided to buy the fatpack in the first place?) I also bought 2 tops, a man's shirt and vest, and three school uniforms. That is a lot for me considering I agonize over purchases!

The royal blue tights were a real indulgence for me, but so worth it. hey, they're silver and absolutely perfect. The minute I saw them, I had to have them! The stitching on them is amazing. and the metallic shine! best glossy tights i have. ❤

thank you for reading! love, silver

skin: minajunk skin Cry*BAKE SALE limited edition crying skin, from the koreshan bake sale

eyes: Ro-y’s_*A’EYES*_brown_D

eye decoration: glow studio butterfly effect

eyelashes: free from alady island

hair: Novocaine Hair – Antoinette – licorice, free from the novocaine sale, a beautiful swept back updo

ring: .::FabulouS::. GirliciouS/Platinum(L)Hand size15-20

bangle: heavy metal bracelet 2 by SHADE THRONE

nails: Catwalk Two-tone Ocean Nails, a very much appreciated free gift from on the catwalk

socks: socks (PixelDolls) Pinstripe BootyShorts n Tights (group/subscribo gift, part of an outfit)

top: [SG*] Happy Mania – Blue

high-waisted shorts: Armidi, {Gisaci} Dans la Ville Shorts – Classic Blue

tights: (Royal Blue) Two Colours a Leg Leggins Ultra Contrast

shoes: [SG*] Wonder Bird




One response

12 12 2009

Awesome affair, I didn’t thought reading it was going to be so amazing when I saw your link.

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