mohawk barbie

25 07 2009

A. wanted to show me the new necklace jewel-texture changing summer dresses(the Delhi dress) from Digit Darkes, so we went there. Seriously, he knows the layout better than I do. He happily found the dresses while I was still fluttering around lost. Then, he saw this girl trying a demo of the cyberfashionista hair at the front of the store, and was like “lol” in IMs to me. Unfortunately, he forgot my addiction to crazy hair. Me(immediately): “click click buy/wear click.” A. turns to me – “OMG” Next, I promptly started annoying him by changing the texture of the hair every single second, as fast as the amazing colors would rezz.

A:(disapproving look evident) “You look like a goldfish.”
Me: “I’m going to wear this every day”
(you could practically feel him burying his head in his hands)

The style comes in 25 electric color choices in one pack, and the headband and highlights change textures individually too. This just means I could have different hair every day of that week. Pick up demos, if this is your style, you need this hair! I’m not sure if this is supposed to be everyday-walk-around hair, but it definitely is for me. I love the way the hair twirls/floats around when I walk. A. had different names for me every day too “hi peacock”

Here’s a cuff bracelet I treasure very much, from a Twisted & Spoiled hunt! T&S makes BEAUTIFUL jewellery, and this is undeniably my FAVORITE bracelet in my inventory. I went back to T&S looking for similar jewellery, but unfortunately didn’t find what I wanted. I’m eyeing the T&S white fur jackets though. And the demon hunter outfit on xstreet here, which like 10 of my friends own, it’s so perfect/sexy. Thank you so much, Phia, for your stunning and generous hunt/group gifts, always!

The Shade Throne necklace has sentimental value somewhat, it was the first thing I ever bought from Undo, and I haven’t seen any other necklaces as long as this one. Now, you can get it in an improved version (I prefer mine though!) at Shade Throne, in tones of silver/gold metal. So pretty! It’s cheaper now too.

hair: digit darkes, NATURALe Cyberfashion ll
bracelet/cuffs: a very much treasured twisted and spoiled hunt gift (not recent)
necklace: shade throne, leemae necklace (the new version is called the happiness necklace)
earrings: shade throne, chrysler earrings in silver
cardigan: your mom’s sweater dress, from the thimbles sale.
leggings: milk motion my cutout leggings
boots: taboo




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