>50% off SALE at Bags of Style!

4 08 2009

SALE on all store cards at Bags Of Style! I love the Chanel-inspired bags most.

I bought a gold card for myself. For 1499L, I got a giftcard with value of 4000L! The silver card gives 25% off all bags and has a value of 2000L, while the gold card gives 50% off all bags and has a value of 4000L! The cards can be shared with friends, so you can share the value of 4000L among friends and each get a bag at less than 50% off. Gifting is also easy with the card. Also, even after you spend the 4000L, every single bag for the rest of your life is still 50% off!! The store owner has this generous promotion in place because he recently reopened the store and set up the new store card system.

I adore these pretty bags! The bags also come with three different holding animations and demos, so you can examine the bag before you buy. I don’t love ALL the bags in this store, there are four floors and more than 200 bags. But at least 10 of them I think really beautiful, which I am going to save up to buy. The newest bags are around the 2nd floor, the middle display of CC bags. Those are pretty nice and the latest release. I also love the Radley totes and the Chanel pleated bow bag (tucked in a corner) that goes with ANY outfit really. It comes in a classic quilted version without the bow too. The Vivienne Westwood tartan plaid case is irresistible, haha.

The owner is so humble and happy to hear that people like his bags and his store. He just took over the store from the original owner who is currently on vacation. I asked him politely if he might ever consider making the logo background of the CC Crocodile bag transparent, and BAM he did it in like…… 10 seconds haha. Okay 2 minutes which is really ridiculously quick! He loves building and making bags and wants to know what kind of bags people would want to see in SL. When I love the owner of a store I tend to spend more heh.

I first got to know of Bags of Style from the CC Python bag that Vain Inc. blogger and owner of Dirty Pretty Things Kylie Wulluf was carrying when I met her at Chance Greatex’s sale. heh. I hopped off the pose stand thinking that she wanted to try the poses, but she actually just wanted to say she liked my outfit. But man I envied her bag way more! So I hurried over and discovered the HUGE discounts the owner was currently having on the store cards, and bought as many bags as I could afford. You should too!

If you join the group and put the store in your picks, you are also eligible to enter a daily raffle in which you might be lucky enough to win a free bag!

TP to Bags of Style

P.S. Don’t forget to wear the group tag to get the >50% off each bag!

vivienne westwood tartan plaid case, from bags of style
stunner boots with gun heel from Romp, fatpack of colors for only 100L! There is a break in the heel/ankle, but totally worth having in inventory!
top, from badkatz, one of the first things I ever bought
highwaisted skirt, group gift from spexx and blogged by GG Sideshow!
lemon lace stockings, 10L from D.A.R.E. thank you so much Chance, for the 10L sale!

chanel pleated bow bag, from bags of style
argrace fedora, hair fair
GORGEOUS dress from the bliss couture 70% off sale!
tattoo: oriental flower from xstreetsl.com
ribbon sandals, aoharu

radley springtime picture bag, from bags of style
hair: polina kastner
goldfish bracelet from sn@tch summer blowout sale! sculpted goldfish!
dress: bliss couture 70% off sale
studded and spiked sandals in aubergine, stiletto moody (omglolwtf at price, now you know why just about everything on me has to be luckychaired or on sale)
but I say…… no one put a gun to my head and forced me to buy it.

lulu guinness bicycle tote, bags of style,
w&y cowboy hat hair with peacock feather from hair fair
goldfish bracelet from sn@tch summer sale! I LOVE YOU IVEY DESCHANEL!!!!!you are a super generous and wonderful genius. I’ve had the privilege of asking Ivey for help sometimes, and she was just so friendly. and her clothing is incredible. LOOK AT MY totally dope boots. they are practically doc martens, and leopard print. and from sn@tch duhh ❤
argyle socks, aoharu sale (I have enough aoharu socks to last me the rest of my life….)
sculpted tshirt dress, free from runo runo!

love, silver milneaux

P.S. I am not Trickett Nightfire! Heh. Did I click something wrong? :/




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6 08 2009
Eden Knoller

awesome post, Silver

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