fall asleep with fireflies. LOVEREEK

10 08 2009

I’ve always thought REEK! was adorable, and incredibly original. Since the pretty robots group gift, I’d been waiting in anticipation for the hugme<3 robot to be released, ever since I saw another blogger carrying a prototype of it!

So when I was tagging along with Isa, Mari and Gin at Hotel Dare, and Isa rezzed the freaking gorgeous REEK FLYER, I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever! It has these crazy animated poses and I swear we just laughed so hard sitting and playing in it. I don't think they knew I took these photos, haha.

Then, I discovered the REEK scrabble couch! Alan and I spent hours playing with it. He thought it was very funny to write words praising himself. The couch is copy (yay ty REEK!) so I can have it as a treasured couch in my room and still rezz it in random places, like if I'm bored waiting for a lucky chair. It also changes textures! I think my favorite color of couch is turquoise.

AAANDDD best of all…. look at my fireflies in the jar. happiness. The fireflies are super natural and calming and hard to take pictures of, but so fun to carry around or fall asleep with.


on Silver Milneaux
A.C. store hair, LOOLY
RBCG llama necklace!
cynful gloves with nail polish and tattoo
white tank from gigi couture
studded boots from JPB
aoharu flower socks
league shorts
on Alan Tamatzui:
truth hair
grasp wristband

REEK FLYER catching perverts at Hotel Dare
on Mari Radikal: (visit their style blog dressupdolls!!) Blacklace lingerie
on Isadora Vayandar:
curio tiger hair,
highwaisted skirt from So Many Styles
corset top from Sweeter Than Candy
shoes from Chloe
on Gin Amiot
shirt from Jezzebel Rock




4 responses

10 08 2009
Hempy Weezles

Ok that was adorable .. but where was I!!!

Next time I wanna come too! ❤ 🙂

10 08 2009
silver milneaux

oh man I’m really honored to hang out with mari and isa and gin too!! heh. it was mari’s store opening day 🙂 yea next time i’ll tp you too yay!!

16 10 2009
Tatiasha Czartza

omg please tell me where you got that rideable shopping trolley from. For days i’ve been searching xstreet and SL for one and so far you’re adorably delicious blog is the only thing i’ve come up with. <33333

23 10 2009
silver milneaux

ahh, it’s a SCD Readers Appreciation Gift from a few months back!! It’s made by Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose. Maybe if you IMed her inworld she might sell it to you or something?? Oh no, I hope you manage to get one! If it was trans I would give mine to you ://

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