chinese punk

11 08 2009

I think Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair makes the most unique, amazing, superstyling hair, and I’m eternally grateful for her new release gifts because I could never afford to buy every single one of her beautiful hairs! Her subscribo notes always sound so sweet and excited for new releases, and I love receiving her updates. I know I haven’t bought anything from her store yet, but I did get demos and I’m going to get some amazingness from her soon.

This red silk cheongsam from Donna Flora is awesomee because the cheongsams I wear in RL are longer, haha. you know we actually have to wear underwear in RL. Most people do anyway! And I actually have a more decent version of this cheongsam in RL, heh. A version where the hole in the front is smaller and the slit is shorter. haha.

I think the Aoharu denim jacket is the best and prettiest denim jacket in sl. This is the mens aoharu jacket which I am very very proud of myself for resizing to fit my tiny body. It was super tricky and still a little oversized but oh so worth it! I borrowed Alan’s jacket, stood on a pose stand and he stretched his jacket prims around my body to see if it would fit me. hahaha. he is damn smart. or maybe I just have nothing better to do than attempt to fit into mens jackets. Does anyone own the 1,200L studded Muism jacket other than Tact Arida? Do you think the mens’ version would fit a girl? Do you think I should get it for 1,200??!! Heh. still on wishlist. I have a list of indulgences which I reconsider at the end of the month if I have lindens left over.

Two of my favorite huge rings ever, the Fabulous by Dango Jewell knuckle ring and the diamonds party platinum ring by bandit jewellery. cost an arm and a leg but I love bandit designs 9217867 times more than JCNY or Alienbear(I do love Alienbear though!) and I scoured those two shops for my dream ring, but found nothing that I sort of felt, you know, that special connection with. One day, I saw a stunning lady called Bebe Moonites in Emery, with beautiful style, skin, shape and she generously shared with me the store her ring was from. and that’s how I found the most beautiful diamond ring in the world.

I am wearing wonderful pididdle nail polish (the nail polish is all glowy) AND my favorite shade throne over-drama earrings. The Aoharu back-ribbon boots have huge bows on the back and come in all the colors of the rainbow and more! I couldn’t decide on whether to get bright blue, red or orange, so I allowed myself to buy all those colors in the end, the boots were that good. I love Aoharu Walk! Now I’m deciding which shoe to get from ANEXX, I’m dying for the pink, tall strappy cutout gladiators, but I tried the copper demo and I think the copper would be a much wiser investment for 780L!! Ahhh pink or copper?!?! or another shoe??!!
Beanie Canning on fashion emergency group chat: “the copper is gorgeous!!”
me: *dies in confusion

AND more free speerit skins are being released!!! OMG I am incredibly excited like whoa. The Kimberly skins are the only skins on sl that I feel are perfect for me, which I’ve been wearing constantly(the laq skin I wore in old pictures). A body that “glows” like Laqroki’s, a beautiful, delicate face that suits my shape and looks vaguely “Asian” (in my opinion anyway haha), realistic lips and eyebrows. Look at Maya on Gumbo Glam’s post, I so wanna be her!

Okay I just bolded all the credits of this post, heh.




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