harajuku kisses

11 08 2009

I LOVE the Pididdle Pitseleh Armpiece! I bought it at retail price, but now you can get it at the marked down price of below 100L, at the Albero Summer Fair. The feathers are so beautiful and sort of like a little wing, and flutters as you walk. truly a work of art, I love wearing it with things! The Pididdle cutout bodytank in lime I bought when Brutus set out a group gift in a lighter green color. I got it in bright lime because it was the brightest prettiest color I could see, I hope Brutus makes more bright colors. this cutout bodytank is so flattering and goes with highwaisted skirts or shorts!

I first knew of Pididdle when I was noob and looking for hunt gifts. I remember the Blob necklace hunt gift from Easter – it was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen at the time, and I went back to Pididdle hoping to find similar necklaces! I bought a box of her old poses too, because I wanted to try her poses. Her poses are quirky with mad names, unforgettable. A while back, at the sale, I bought all the things I always coveted from Pididdle, like her jewellery and nailpolishes. Now I’m regretting not getting the wood bead necklace during the sale, I need to go back and get it anyway! Thanks Brutus for your sales, gifts and hunts and newrelease gifties!

I have lipstickkisses tights from sheer, the group gift ROBOKUN from mocorin bracelets and ring, and this SICKSICKSICK groupgift leopardprint cap from Find Ash! Isn’t it amazing!! Alan thought I looked like the jungle book. grrr.

I love the talking-on-telephone animation which you can find in telephone boxes in Harajuku Box, just wear the telephone receiver and hop on the poseball! Really realistic heh.

hair and cap: Find Ash, group gift
cutout bodytank: Pididdle, in lime
Pididdle Pitseleh Armpiece, now marked down at Albero Summer Fair!
Highwaisted skirt, Thimbles! my favorite highwaisted skirts ever.
tights from Sheer, freebie
taboo boots
robokun bracelet and ring from mocorin, group gift

location: Harajuku Box!




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