my reek<3RIHANNArobot

14 08 2009

Don’t forget, REEK! has the Reek! Plumbob out for 50LINDENFRIDAYS yay! I zoomed online to get mine successfully but crashed before I could take photos!

After REEK! released the 4th of July robot group gift to their subscribo, I saw another girl blogging the bigger and better prototype of REEK<3ROBOT and was instantly jealous. Heh. but now I have mine!!

I ADORE my REEK<3ROBOT. I read the list of new releases and she was the one thing that I knew I had to have. I like carrying her around wearing uhm underwear/sleepwear lol. Inclusive of bedhead. me wearing underwear. not her. and she is only 99L. omg ty so much reek for the superaffordable price! She's a huge toy and huggable and adorable. I love pets and I have a couple of other huggable/carryable pets and bears but REEK<3ROBOT is MINEE forever. OKAY I admit she won the prettypets competition for me just because she has a flashing rainbow light on her head and I love rainbow! I like carrying her around and changing her color every few seconds hahah.

The PSP mouth attachment is from a TEKUTEKU vending machine(next to the food vending machines) and I bought two, hoping for the pink one, until I realized they were mod. Heh. I've modded mine in a singularly color-blind way! You can put your photos in it and it changes pictures every few seconds while in your mouth. Neat! They're non-transfer, else i'd give my spare one away. I so wish all vending machines were transfer!




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