i like gauge laville’s butt.

23 10 2009

I first knew of This Is Your Second Life when I saw a giant picture of a very ugly cartoon baby crying on the feed, and a rant underneath. I clicked over, and I found Gauge Laville’s arrogant, beautiful, intriguing, SL interpretation of Tyler Durden/Fight Club, preaching to the masses.

His words ring so true and charismatic. Yet Tyler Durden wasn’t real. He was a psychopathic alter ego. And he was crazy. How incredibly true is that of our second lives?

Okay nevermind haha so I thought I’d ask Gauge about his blog one day, but I never did. I thought I’d add him on plurk when I saw him there, but I couldn’t bear to add someone who had probably 700 fangirls(not a bad thing, here I am joining the club) and nipples on his display picture. No.

Yeah so finally I saw him comment on a friend’s plurk, and friended. and one day when we were all admiring his pretty lingerie and breasts on plurk, he, on a whim, thought my blog was decent (It really is not, look at his photographs in comparison.)

So who’ve thought sex god Gauge Laville now makes panties as well as having them thrown at him?

I’ve been chilling with friends, hanging in my house, walking around L.A.P and Tiny Bird and Hotel Dare in his lingerie for the past few days(I tried to make sure no one was around to WTFug me for showing my ass in public. I met some cool people at Hotel Dare, but they were like “hey who are we to judge your butt, we’re wearing elephant masks and fawn legs”. true story.)

The cutest part of the lingerie is the hiked-up wrinkles on the butt. adorable. Examine Gauge Laville’s butt better here: yes, that’s him in the picture.

Gauge made two brocades and one plaid set for triple threat 2 – my favorite is the blue and pink plaid, although I think the rainbow plaid from the previous set is the cutest! Analu blogged it beautifully here. The stockings come with patterned tights which can be worn as socks with other outfits.

Gauge has a lot of the coolest tshirts I’ve seen for males, with men’s ab shading, but fortunately they also fit nicely into high waisted skirts for me. I really like the blacklisted tee that I bought for L$10, and the teal Bad Fish tee I bought for $120(I think.) And the purple owl tee for girls is my favorite! Check out the tees/lingerie on the blacklisted blog, more designs at his store here. GO!

The first two photographs are inspired by two rooms of the current exhibition at the Hotel Dare, an ongoing project by Gattina Dumpling. I planned to take the photographs inworld, but my lighting skills suck. But so do my photoshop skills. Stop laughing at my cutout lion. HE WILL EAT YOU UP. Third photo- taken inworld at the Hotel Dare, in-room pose, hanging in the air. The place is beautiful and haunting. Last photo is just me lounging around at home, with my Reek! fireflies, GIRAFFE, swing, and Elate! paper cranes! Stores with exclamation marks excite me!! ❤ and of course that stunning La Gyo ring and headpiece.

All poses(except second) are from Long Awkward Pose! Perfect sexiness for bikinis/lingerie.

hair: 69, miracle
eyelashes from glow studio
earrings by Undo Hermano, Shade Throne
perfect hip piercing from Kiliebe!!
wetherby's fur coat in leopard
"bad things" lingerie by gauge laville for +blacklisted+
leopard print half gloves
stiletto moody ankle boots (yeah that's what that white thing between my legs is, boots not photoshop fail)

argrace fedora
g field floppy straw hat
maitreya faye hair (excellent for hats!)
husky gfx dragoness arm bracelet
pididdle blob necklace
"breathe me" lingerie by gauge laville for +blacklisted+
sn@tch champagne lace gloves
romp stunner boots in lizard
tropical feather eyelashes from glow studio

69 hair
shade throne "the break up necklace"
la gyo ring and headpiece
"lately" lingerie by gauge laville for +blacklisted+
digit darkes gloves
husky gfx dragoness arm bracelet
kookie orange wedges
alienbear eostre belly ring
reek fireflies!!
elate paper crane ornaments that turn in the air




2 responses

23 10 2009

gorgeous photos!
gorgeous girl!

23 10 2009
Gauge Laville

I’m glad something motivated you to knock the dust off a truly unique blog and post a FEPIC review. Thank you for the very kind words Ms. Milneaux.

Who said you could look at my ass?

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