bean to &bean

4 12 2009

I bean to &bean! I’d never tried &bean skins until Keiko Morigi set out a stunning halloween gift skin. I’m not sure if I loved the face most, or the crazy original cutout dotted lines along the chest and legs.. super spooky. I think &bean skins are the most unique and expressive skins on the grid.

I’m wearing the &bean lake skin in lilac wings, and the eyeshadow is so beautiful. you can see it when I blink! The face just looks so so sad, or pensive, or thoughtful, or wary.. depending on the pose or picture. I have no idea why, but it’s incredibly emotional, and I think it especially suits the fall/winter mood.

This is my first winter on SL, and I think I’m the only loser who finds it so, so difficult to layer/styler winter. I live in a tropical country (Which is no excuse because some incredible bloggers live here, too, and they have no problem with winter styles on SL!)

I think this was one of the first winter styles I tried and felt somewhat happy with. Still looking for the perfect outfit to flatter my much-treasured &bean skin. She likes pastel colors today, and is particularly vehement when she doesn’t like my outfit!

This floral bag is only 20L from muu workshop, it’s mod and comes with a pair of shoes! So good. The tights are from Royal Blue and a lifesaver because they’re tintable. Socks were 1L from Hal*Hina.

I think the Aoharu french sleeves denim vest lends itself well to winter layering. The gray turtleneck dress was a DSN gift from E! Eclectic Apparel by Eclectic Wingtips! GREAT DSN gift. They have a lot of colors instore, each for only 80L. I went over and bought the turquoise colored one(I think it’s labelled green but looks turquoise). Perfect for any outfit base. I would’ve bought white, but they didn’t have white, heh. I really like the knit textures.

skin: &bean lake lilac wings by Keiko Morigi
hair: !lamb subscribo gift, cap tinted to match
scarf: fairy tail gacha gacha
french sleeves denim vest: aoharu
gloves: digit darkes cap gloves in black/silver
gray sweater dress: E! Eclectic Apparel by Eclectic Wingtips, DSN gift!
bracelet and ring: Mandala lotus
tights: Royal Blue, tintable, free
socks: 1L from Hal*Hina
boots: Kookie
floral bag: muu workshop




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