5 12 2009

I’m proud to wear this skin by Beetle Bones – I was in the store a few months back and I saw that Sue put up a vendor selling a fatpack of her first skins+shape in five makeups for 300L or something, so I bought them because I was curious and thought they looked pretty! I don’t think they’re for sale any more though, she says she doesn’t like them. Heh. For me, they have a really local feel, haha. I actually feel like the features and color look similar to local girls. Pretty cool.

I love how the Beetle Bones jumper skirt in Bo Peep is all poofy as though a perpetual gust of wind is swirling it!

The neon green gloves are from anueanue and I have about 30 sets and a billion repeats(all non transfer aarrghhh)… gacha gacha regrets. I didn’t even get the entire set. sobz. I can’t even bear to delete the repeats……

Boots were free from ordinary design, the item changes from either grey to brown boots daily! I thanked the owner for great boots and he winked back. HAHA.

hair: 69 hair
tights: doux petit dahl
dress+turtleneck(from different sets): beetlebones
boots: free from ordinary design

skin: beetle bones amelie skin
hair: 0 style
james schwarz sweater, free from runo runo! I love this sweater :> *waves jewnas flag*
leggings, milk motion subscribo gift (yayy! lovely tights)
fur gloves: was free from Atelier AM (creator: aya Huldschinsky) I don’t think they’re available any more.
Big City boots: old lucky chair city boots from Sentou Yousei(creator: Grace Selene)




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