i love you long time.

6 12 2009

I wore these outfits for weeks, these are all some of my favorite things.

Of note- Cheap Makeup’s bf denim shirt had a price adjustment, it’s now available for 165L! It used to be 200L, and I swear I went back to her store at least 5 times trying to decide which color to get. I couldn’t decide between the light and dark washes, and I knew I’d regret it if I got the dark wash (because I wanted the light wash, too! But 500L was a lot to me, for the fatpack at the time)

But now each color is available at 165L, so good time to get it. I LOVE acid washed stuff!

I’m wearing the Beetle Bones striped turtleneck again, it goes great with everything. good value when I’m broke! I loove these tights from Sn@tch. They are the perfect slashy tights. They are only sold as a set with the Showtime outfit(surl here), so I bought the set just for the tights. The outfit includes vests and is pretty cool too!

BEETLE BONES SNUGGIES boots in white, they need some capital letters. I have been scrounging around for winter – I’m not sure if winter’s my favorite season and I didn’t want to make impulse purchases. But the snuggies are super well textured and too cute. I wore them with the anuenue legwarmers (20L gacha for the gloves and legwarmers set) so they look like tall white boots! I didn’t take these off for weeks, I love these fluffy white boots. P.S. if you’re particularly adventurous, they’re mod so you can tint them a bit.

Free group gift hair from Noju that I can’t take off because I love it(but is it obvious that I haven’t bought hair for a really long time? $$$$), and the beautiful antique rose headdress that everyone has.

I bought the LeeZu scarf, and I received some AMAZING customer service. I don’t always have the $ to shop at LeeZu, but I love her designs and her prices are pretty good for the beautiful quality. I couldn’t locate the scarf, I left a message at the customer service counter and immediately two really kind models offered to help me find it. I found it and bought it. very happy! and there are demos!

I don’t care for SL models if you’re a snob and can’t even dress yourself, but I think LeeZu has shown that she has some gracious models and employees. Next, I kind of destroyed my scarf and forgot to make a copy (I didn’t know I could destroy it with the resizing script…. go me) and Vixie Rayna was kind enough to assist me. Wonderful customer service, great, original, unique items…. go shop at LeeZu. Except that I hope they make Courtisane shoes a bit cheaper! ❤

Zaara stack of bangles.. I’m in love with them. They suit my personality and are just stunning. Worth every bit of the 377L I paid.

Poses in the first picture are from the S.LOVES Cheryl Posepack! I love these poses – they are universal, not too violent and for me, they work with all outfits. I take them out when I want to be sure that my outfit is displayed perfectly. The notecard mentions that Suri knows how hard it is for bloggers to find poses for certain outfits sometimes, very true!

The second outfit’s poses are from Long Awkward Pose – I think Dove Swanson makes a huge range of poses, and her poses are flawless. I don’t say this easily – I’ve tried poses from various posemakers and sometimes the joints have problems so they are only photographable from one angle. But I think that LAP poses truly are high quality and they deserve the glowing reputation they have.

Like I said.. pretty much in love with every single part of these outfits.

I also joined Free*Style, SO HAPPY and THRILLED to try and give back a little of all the incredible free things I’ve always seen shared on F*S. I’m just a noob yknow. aren’t we all? I’ve been reading F*S since forever, I’ve been a fan of Sileny and Suri’s posts ever since I started SL. I was really shy to say it on F*S, but I’m super grateful for people like Sileny, Creamy, Suri, Mijn, Eden ❤ ILU TO BITS SILENY!!!!!!

noju group gift hair and antique rose headdress
scarf: LeeZu
Elate! sweater dress in Ice (This was 300L but the textures are perfect.)
vest: Pig, 50L friday item
gloves: digit darkes cap gloves
bangles: zaara
tights: royal blue tights, tintable! best gift tights ever, I love Marni Grut!
White snuggies: Beetle Bones
Legwarmers: Anuenue gacha
Poses: S.LOVES

same hair and headpiece
my bf’s denim shirt from Cheap Makeup by Stella Semaphore
blue striped turtleneck: Beetle Bones, part of dress set
gloves: anuenue gacha
shorts: part of &bean high waisted pants(I modded them mercilessly!)
tights: Sn@tch Showtime outfit (exact surl to the Showtime outfit here), only sold as a set for 275L
same shoes as above
Poses: Long Awkward Pose




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