my sister’s keeper

10 12 2009

Major fail at trying to hide photography problems with all my prims being tinted wrongly and forgetting to turn on anti-aliasing on a new version of Emerald = jagged edges. Sorry.

Hair: thanksgiving gift from CheerNo
Dress: Cheap Makeup by Stella Semaphore
Green sweater: 80s hunt gift from Pididdle
Gloves: Starlust trash hunt gift from Pididdle
Birds on shoulders: Plastik 50L friday item
Bag: Modd.G!
Leggings: +plus+
Wedges: Kookie
Poses: Penny Dreadful Arcade by Izzy Bereznyak (I remember how to spell it! After having to google the spelling 15 separate times when trying to find him inworld lol.)

Hair: noju group gift
Headband: Cheap Makeup by Stella Semaphore, you can find another color free in the piece of trash just outside her store!!!
Gloves: Cheap Makeup
Bangles: Zaara
Corset: Divalicious
Pants: Madsy
Shoes: Unique Needs




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