only for a while

19 12 2009

poses: “Only For A While” and “Weighty Wait” by Penny Dreadful Arcade, available only for this weekend, and then it’s gone for ever. 150L ONLY. you need this in your life. set of two couple poses and mistletoe! Someone once plurked about how realistic/emotional PDA poses are, and after taking these pictures, I definitely agree. These are the cutest poses ever. They are so cute I left them in the house so I can pose again for no reason whenever I feel like it HAHAHA. Alan likes the uhm sexy monkey one more but I like the first one a lot.

I really like these pictures because they are the first photos I’ve taken that are unedited and taken inworld, and they’re taken in the most beautiful house ever that is made out of glass (sorry, I just kind of love this house by Botha Architects.) and this is the home that Alan and I kind of share, even though I have my own home too. (In case we quarrel lol) Anyway thanks Alan for being patient while I fussed over all this haha. and for not complaining when I accidentally leave digit darkes bags all over the living room hahaha.

on me:
hair: Tekuteku current group gift
dress: DeLa (I think I love DeLa.)
boots: Redgrave Moscow fur boots
tights: Bower Bird subscribo gift, tintable, no longer available, sadly.
mittens on Alan: Reek! duh. ❤

Credit for Alan’s outfit here.




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19 12 2009

sexy poses! rawr!

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