30 12 2009

I think the AVATAR skin is incredibly strange and mysterious and beautiful…. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. It’s insanely detailed and I love the lightspots freckled all over the chest, hips and back. Try demos here.. the skin is fascinating. Skin post coming soon, once I’ve installed PS! The DerGANT.Avatar Special Edition pack includes the skin, eyes and tail- shape sold separately.

The best part of this look is the outfit by CheerNo – his designs are so distinct that even girls want them in their fashion lives, heh. I saw this outfit being styled by Angelllina Tedeschi in this post, FIERCE. I thought it looked dreamy with the AVATAR skin. This is my favorite of the Deuil line of outfits – CheerNo makes the only men’s outfits I’ve ever thought were sexy on men, and his unique clothing makes me kind of envy the men, for once. ❤

skin: DerGANT.Avatar Special Edition, creator: Fiore Gant
eyes: DerGANT.Eyes Avatar Special Edition, creator: CheerNo Destiny
hair: Vanity Hair, creator: Tabata Jewell
scarf/tulle/jacket/top/gloves: part of CheerNo.Deuil – Mortifera outfit
jewels on hand: part of CheerNo Diamond gloves
belt: shampooo studs belt silver, creator: MIRU Luik
diadem: Amberdragon Designs, creator: Nadine Defiant (now closed)
highwaisted shorts: Emery, free, creator: sunami Beck
tights: Sn@tch, part of Showtime outfit, creator: Ivey Deschanel
flats: 50 flats for DU3, Mr Fairfax’s ciggy break and Mr Grapewin’s ciggy break, worn mismatched<3, creator: Ding Fotherington ❤

last photo:
shape: DerGANT.Shape Avatar Special Edition, creator: Fiore Gant
hair: Tiny Bird, Looking for Astronauts, creator: Autumn Hykova
birds: plastik "birdies&feathers", 50L Friday item, came with tattoo, creator: Aikea Rieko
pasties: plastik, came with strapped top




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