5 01 2010

This is the beautiful little mini seaside skybox in which I live, made by Annunziata Machi! It comes in a lyrics and without lyrics version. The lyrics on the walls are heartbreaking. just 50L from Molto Bene! check out her other beautiful skyboxes, they are really incredible, breezy places to live. I want to live in another one soon!

The winter evergreen tree is copiable and comes with snow and more-snow versions. It’s made by Maztor Giles and can be bought from the Vinyl Cafe here. SO BEAUTIFUL, they are permanent fixtures on my plot. Thanks Evangeline!

The turquoise christmas tree is from Beetlebones gacha, super cute heh. and my precious, treasured snow bunny is from ARIA.

On Xing-ge (literally translated: Brother Xing)
hair: Uncle Web (Uw.St), Nick (I copied Ding who copied Riot who was raving about it because the hair textures are crazy soft and realistic. Ding was so right, this hair is awesomee. And it looks so good on Xing as well as Ding!)
hoodie jacket: Emery free gift, hoodie itself is part of an Intrigue Co. Hoodie
military cardigan: Madsy
Belt and jeans: INDI designs advent calendar gift, no longer available
gloves: CheerNo Brilliant gloves, worn without the gems
ring: La Gyo skull knuckle ring
hi-tops: Urban Bomb Unit




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