black sheep baa

9 01 2010

ohai, really beautiful jacket from CheerNo. this is the most detailed and incredible blazer I own. I need to wear it again and take a better picture of the front. The metal buttons reflect light, the back flap and sleeve flaps have prim shadows attached to them, it was criminally easy to adjust, and I love the design. not seen anything like it in SL.

The Reek boots ❤ I change the colors of the laces any time I feel like a change! still pretty much amazed by how realistic it is.

Gritty Kitty Winter Choice! prize – these horns, sheep ears and tail. omg adorable! I also have a gorgeousYabusaka armband which idk how to change the letters on it (at first it said DOG, now it says XOG, wattt but XOG still cooler than DOG) and the grasp leopard jeans. All of those are Winter Choice gifts! The scarf(with necklace) is a Find Ash group gift and the finger tape is 1L from Luck Inc.

The yellow braces are color change and from KARI, some awesome stuff there. Sev brought me to the store! ❤ They were only 80L, a real steal, now I'm eyeing the electric wire cuff heh.

I took these pictures in suetabulous Yootz's new little shopping town called Pookie Promenade hee, her builds are AMAZING. It's a build in progress but I'm damn excited for her and privileged that she let me peek at her work. Can't wait to start shopping there woot!




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