5 02 2010

ahhaha this was a lot of fun.

I was left with 145L after the Aoharu sale (I went a bit overboard, but I think I’ll definitely use all the items I bought.) so I couldn’t buy the Reek Laundry Day hoodies when they first came out, but I finally got paid, so the first thing I did (after much deliberation about which color to get!) was zoom over to Reek! to get one! YAY I feel so happy now. The hoodie hud turned out to be even cooler than I imagined, too, Riq posted teasers/descriptions on his plurk timeline. Okay then after I got one I thought it would be nice to have one that was white so that the bright colors in the hud would match better with the base white jacket, so I… went and bought another one haha. painful but so worth it!

It was a lot of smiles putting these looks together – everyone, go dig up some of your older Reek items! I feel like we all bought things like the Reeker Keeper at 50L Friday and only used it once. The pencil behind the ear is too cute, too.

I really like that Riq makes fun stuff and clothes stuff, I think I’m gaga over the Autumn boots. and major love for my new hoodies!

Reek’s attention to detail is so amazing. tp over and choose a hoodie!

look #1
Laundry Day Hoodie,
Reeker Keeper file (with a million different poses, textures and animations),
I Love Stripes belt,
pencil tucked behind ear.
Autumn Boots – all from Reek!

male poses by Dismorph, perfect poses for every look! there are only 10 poses in the pack and I keep using them lol I need to go buy her next pack when it comes out.
hair: Novocaine
plaid scarf, Milk motion
black denim: Aoharu

look #2
Laundry Day hoodie and Autumn Boots, both by Reek!

male poses by Dismorph
shirt+sweater: current Midnight Mania item from E! Apparel! only needs 50 clicks.
hair: Exile, Echo in ash – fits great under the Reek hoodie!
denim: Aoharu, includes belt
gloves: Redgrave




One response

5 02 2010
Mai Moonwall

wow a great blog Silver! I have that hoodie in green, now I have to get few more 🙂

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