16 02 2010

still in the new year mood and found a new cheongsam shop with wonderful cheongsams in my favorite colors, even a group gift!

I really love this outfit, I bought the ANEXX boots at full price and it really hurt me but I love pink! and the ganked bracelet and necklace set is SO GOOD, best gift jewellery i’ve ever had in my life, second only to alienbear’s easter hunt jewels! The jewels are really detailed, glamorous, and frankly, cheap for the great quality. lucky board and MM too! tp to ganked <33

alan looks soo cute with the mandarin hat haha.

extremely displeased with these photos but haha the outfits are cute. this needs a major retake! thanks alan for his patience <333

on me:
W&Y hair
cheongsam from Lika Ruby
bracelet from ganked, opening gift!!
oranges from anya’s red packet hunt, participating gift at start
gladiator boots: ANEXX

on Alan Tamatzui:
hat: Kungfu shop by kuroobi Sandell
shirt: red packet hunt gift from Arai
pants: red packet hunt gift from Niniko
sandals: Aoharu




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