through the looking glass

16 02 2010

The Reek + Tiny Bird collaboration hoodie hair is really irreplaceable – I originally tried to wear one of my favorite hairs, the maitreya faye hair, tinted pink, with the reek hoodie, but I realized that the Tiny Bird hair that was made specially to go with it, even has the hood part sculpted perfectly around the head, with the hair windblown and streaming out. So it is definitely worthwhile to get hairs that were made specially for the item!

I also experimented with the poofy skirt of Anya’s ohmai! basics one-piece romper with skirt – the skirt can be edited shorter and I tried to make it more poofy to go with my twirling in the wind look haha. I walked around starlust like that, too! and yay for alamood’s SL Daily Deal, I love the sweetstack ring set!

Pose – [doll.] by suri christen. Her pose inspired all of these photographs. I’m really happy with the way they turned out! (This NEVER happens.) ❤ I knew I wanted a pose with a little(or a lot) more movement, so I scrolled through my doll pose hud and bam, it worked. amazing.

reek hoodie + tiny bird hair – available at reek!
!ohmai basics one piece in barbie and lime!
ANEXX triplefringe pumps. I LOVE FRINGE.
sweetstack rings in pink burst – alamood




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