7 03 2010

AtomicBambi, !Syds!, MStyle, Iren, Fairy Tail, Ganked, Shade Throne

detail of Fairy Tail’s “Bitter Rose” bracelet and Ganked’s “Goldblooded” bangle

Accessories Fair 2010 is open – incredibly exciting time for all! I was really privileged to admire the sim before the opening, and it’s been super exciting seeing designers hard at work setting up and getting to view the array of jewels available – lots of statement, quality pieces that will make the simplest outfit stand out in a crowd. There will even be a hunt which will make the event huge! The build itself is stunning and great for photos, my favorite part is the subway!

I love the !SyDS! hair called “It’s me” in snowy dream, with tiny colorful particles in it, it’s great for fashion photography, but I like just twirling around in it with my ao. !SyDS! makes the best fluffy, realistic big hair in SL that I’ve seen, all for an affordable price, sev first brought me there where he bought some hair.

, whom I am more familiar with as a skin maker, first started out doing hair flowers, and the Wicked hair corsage is a fierce tree and bird corsage which I thought nestled perfectly in my bird’s nest hair 🙂

‘s booth also has new releases of skin jewels – I am wearing the TIK TOK Sakura gemstone body art in white diamonds, which I repositioned. I’m also wearing the Fairy Tail Romance earrings and the Bitter Rose leather bracelet, as well as the Ganked Goldblooded bangle.

MStyle at the accessories’ fair is a booth featuring high-tech prim nails – I took advantage of the preview and bought this set of gorgeous short prim nails. You can change every single nail color, or all at once! Something I’ve wanted ever since I’ve been in SL.

Shade Throne also has a booth at the fair- I’m wearing the Implosion sunglasses in red. Also the Niniko group gift black romper, Lemon ginger‘s post tights and my beloved [Gos] booties by Gospel Voom. I also made this pose specially to display the bangles heh. (buy here!) so happy the fair is finally open after the hype, hope everyone is enjoying themselves shopping! 🙂




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