Trident by Rossana Llewellyn

8 03 2010

Trident by Rossana Llewellyn are miniature works of art – the designer is influenced by history and culture, creating beautiful detailed pieces reminicient of an ancient time. I was really impressed with the jewellery because of the fine detail and the obvious work and thought behind every single piece.

The Laurel Wreath in gold, the Hefring Set’s armbands, collar and earrings in rust, all have a firm base in history, which is explained in the accompanying notecard with each purchase. Each piece has great significance to the wearer – for example, in Norse mythology, Hefring is one of the nine daughters of Ægir and Rán. Trident‘s jewellery are suitable for RP-ers, but could also be worn for everyday ornament.

Frankly, I’m in love with the Laurel Wreath, because I love how unique it is – I can see myself wearing this in an everyday outfit, but I was inspired to attempt a bit more of an aged look here. I find it really calming wearing Trident jewellery, and the research behind each piece is astounding.

Trident jewels and clothing are inspired by passion for medieval, ancient, ethnic and tribal jewelry and costumes.Each design combines creativity with careful research of museum replicas, archaeological findings and study of their historical symbolism.

hair: Boon
tattoo: Devol




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