heartless city

10 03 2010

Some beautiful things here!

First, The Boho in green by Bag Lady – I love this bag so much for its heart shape and detailed texture. It attaches to left hand and comes with a holding animation. definitely one of my favorite bags at the fair for the colors and uniqueness!

The !Sydds! hair is totally irresistible, fluffy big hair with butterflies in it = awesome. *Ticky Tacky* by our very own Narita Rayna also has a huge number of new releases out at her booth, but the Save A Prayer bracelet (comes in a set) and the Attention Whore Bangles went perfectly with this outfit. I love the dangling black crosses and the jewels on the zebra bangles are texture change! Glow studio also has the Peace earrings at the booth, I really love things that I can click and change the colors of immediately, even better if it’s mismatched 🙂

Last but certainly not least, [skream] is a designer that is new to me, but her piercings are stunning. These are now the piercings that I immediately reach for, whenever appropriate. I think she has really good taste in designs and she knows exactly what girls love wearing.

I’m also wearing the prettiest playsuit on SL by Ohmai!, an Aoharu fur coat I modded into a vest, socks from edge grafica and Anexx boots!




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