exquisite cliffhangers

12 03 2010

Illusions’ Gazella horns, 150L, only at accessory fair! Cricri Bon09 hair, Glow Studio AF special shades+earrings set, 50L, U&R Dogs new releases and CentoPallini opal bracelet!

ahhh new release of the gazella horns by Illusions at accessory fair! only 150L and texture change to 12 realistic textures, basically a fatpack! I also love this CriCri Bon09 hair with a colorchange ribbon, easy to match (or not match!) with anything.

The special thing about CriCri hair is that this particular hair has the option of with or without ribbon, and there are three different fringe styles in one hair, so that’s a lot more combinations for your linden. I need more CriCri hair in my life.

The sculpted sunglasses in gold are a special promotion by Glow Studio for the accessory fair, 50L for the sunglasses and a pair of gold earrings, grab this deal at the fair! The U&R Dogs new release of the Isolde bracelets, necklace and the Danse de la Fee Dragee ring are simply exquisite – I think their jewels are fairylike. I also paired it with a new to me designer, CentoPallini by caran Juran, who made this Gem bracelet in Opal on my left hand, I love the opal gems. subtle, yet with a rainbow shimmer!

I also have on a Doppelganger gradient tunic, Devol‘s comic leggings and a special recolor of rbcg‘s fawn legs that was for a hunt gift (I didn’t know about the hunt when it was on, but Kyrsten dropped the gorgeous fawn legs on me a long time later because she’s kind!)




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