punk rock princess

13 03 2010

*VANITAS* jewellery by Rozoregalia, fit for a queen.

I felt like a princess wearing these, the jewellery is breathtaking.

The gems embedded in the design are texture change, so they match virtually any outfit. There are also options for particle on/off in the menu, and the jewellery informs you when anyone clicks your jewellery. As a set, it includes anklets, bracelets, two types of earrings, necklace, and a special hair designed to be worn with the matching hairpin and tiara. Rozoregalia makes truly regal jewellery fit for royalty!

I also have on the new release from MStyle, the Perfect Hand – Sharp Nails. The only second life nails you’ll ever need, they include piercings, rings, bands and three animations embedded into the prim -allowing for realistic smoking, filing your nails and checking your mobile phone, and of course changing nail colors on every finger. These nails are one of a kind!

Other items: Mimikri sequin jacket, Bebop dress from Beetlebones by suetabulous Yootz, war paint leggings from Royal Blue, Bare Ava in Aubergerine by Stiletto Moody.




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