13 03 2010

The best part of Accessory Fair is getting to know more designers and discover their unique creations – some of the items I’m showing here are really special. HauntedZuzu has made this dulcet scarf, super soft and detailed, for 99L, comes in black and white and has a rose that is texture change to 12 different colors. I’m also carrying the Bali bag in beize by Sigma Jewels, I love the bamboo handles and cloth. It has a shoulder animation as well as a hand animation, and attaches to several different points.

The gloves I’m wearing are the Broadway Lights RFL special gloves by Bliensen and Maitai, and get this – the lights on the glove-cuffs at the elbow flash on and off! How cool is that! These are some mad awesome gloves.

I also have Glow Studio‘s No Round earrings, CriCri hair with hat that changes textures, some beautiful U&R Dogs jewellery, and the Perturb/ation Cross beads wrapped around my right hand. And of course the skream lip piercings which I wear every chance I get.

I just bought the Sci-Fi tunnel from Glitterati – the first pose prop I’ve bought, comes with a ton of poses in it, only 6 prims, and it’s beautifully made. definitely worth the 500L.

Other items: Lelutka minidress, sn@tch cobweb tights (part of showtime outfit), Maitreya halloween boots (don’t they look nice? I love orange! I’m glad no one else likes orange as much as I do)




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