white silk vintage

14 03 2010

I love this highwaisted skirt by Polina Kaestner! I tried another look with the white satin scarf, I wanted to wear it elegantly. I think the champagne flower is my favorite color of all the textures built into the color-change flower.

Bliensen+Maitai has a range of quaint, super detailed and unique vintage jewelry – the mermaid earrings come in a set with a necklace. I love them because they have turquoise beads and a seahorse on them!

The Skream! piercing is also a new-ish release at the accessory fair.

I’m just randomly standing in the pretty Glitterati sci-fi tunnel which is proudly and randomly rezzed above my house. not like 3000m in the sky, like a metre above my house. It’s too pretty to store!

hair: W&Y
earrings: Bliensen+Maitai mermaid earrings, new release at Accessory Fair!
dulcet satin scarf: 99L with color-change flower,Haunted Zuzu
black vneck sweater: E! Apparel
skirt: Polina-Kaestner
fur boots: Redgrave




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