light and silence

18 03 2010

Hello! Today I’m wearing one of the coolest pieces at Accessory Fair, the Feather collar in white from So Many Styles by Irie Campese. I love unique pieces, and the feather collar makes any outfit instantly interesting. I really like the detail and shadow on the feathers, as well as the way the feather parts extend all the way to the back. The hair by Rezipah Loc is also available at Accessory Fair, my favorite style at her booth. The metallic silver robot leggings are also part of an outfit from Rohant, a new store! And of course my beautiful DARE boots. I’m happy with the way these pictures turned out, the sim is beautiful.

feather necklace: So Many Styles at Accessory Fair
hair: Rezipah Loc at AF
apple antlers: Sugarcube
Meduse dress: Sugarcube at one of the first few Designer Uniteds
leggings: ROHANT, metallic silver robot leggings!
DARE booties: Gos by Gospel Voom




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