PDA is dead

31 03 2010

Izzy is putting out a TON of gorgeous poses for 200L at Pose Fair, opening Apr 2nd! AHHH can’t wait. These are some beautiful, elegant, natural poses.

I always try and think to myself if I’m being honest and whether or not I’m biased towards PDA’s poses, but I genuinely think these are super sultry and are photographable from several angles. At least five of the poses are good for jewellery close-ups too. Cheap and awesome, put them on your must-buy list! I love how graceful these are, using PDA poses makes me happy.

Izzy is also doing a collaboration with Katey Coppola of Glitterati Poses, they’re making pose props with poses and it’ll be sold for charity!

I’m also OBSESSED with the Vive9 bags, so happy because I had demos of Miranda and Aoki previously, and was thinking about getting them before Vive9 renovated. I’m wearing the Vive9 skin here and it’s stunning. Alan thinks I look like a pinup girl illustration!

nails: MStyle short nails, color changeable and works perfectly with my AO/all poses with relaxed hand/open hand! definitely a purchase I don’t regret, I’ve been dying for colorchange nails for ages.)
hair: fd (fashionably dead)
jeans: Vive9 bags, love love love the sculpted cuffs!
Anya Ohmai tube bra, worn with Glam Affair’s gorgeous studded part of the studded bra.
belt: Perturb/ation group gift




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