3 04 2010

[glow] studio has the COOLEST earrings out – they’re animated and the texture scrolls downwards. definitely statement pieces. Each set comes with three different textures, I’m wearing the white set here. Also a new release – delicate wired necklaces in gold and silver!

Theory. by Prudence Skytower is open! The store sells affordable poses, pose props and clothing. All poses come with pose props for 20L, and Prudence is a builder so there are some really interesting, well made props like a railroad track that I can’t wait to take pictures with.

I also got this zebra shirt for 25L at theory., am probably heading back to buy the pink. or green. or fatpack.

B. O. S. (creator: holly Somerset) just reopened their store – I’m addicted to their bags!

boots: stiletto moody
skirt: R.icielli
hair: BP (creator: BettiePage Voyager)
gloves: TazzMania (creator: Topaz Tomsen)
fishnets: Sn@tch (creator: Ivey Deschanel)

P.S. Sorry about the lack of surls, couldn’t access SL 😦




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