pda is dead on its feet.

14 04 2010

pose: totally adore this pose, pda at Pose Fair, last chance to get Izzy’s poses!

hiii! some gorgeous things from Pookie Promenade designers like MayoNaise, Tee*fy and Beetle Bones! Also the nicest La Gyo (Gyorgyna Larnia) necklace from past DU3, love her stuff. was a treasured present from ding:):) And this bag to die for from Bags of Style (holly Somerset), worth checking out!

Sweater with sculpted pearl detail on the shoulders and OMG FRINGE skirt!!, MayoNaise. super pretty sculpts by Tomo’s zai Maya skillz!!
Leggings from Tee*fy gacha, 30L
Flats from Beetle Bones gacha, 50L. Please IM me if you want to trade, I played 7 times and I got two designs only 😦 This is a gacha worth playing though, because I feel that every single design is beautiful! The flats are the exact Korean flats design that I’ve seen in RL. Mmmhmmm 🙂
Aoharu hair (omg hair with hats, diesss.)

Oh and this is our house, kind of, haha. I like it a lot.




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