“me and the moon”

17 04 2010

Nushru by Quiver Quintessa has this AMAZING, complete outfit out for just 250L at Le Cirque, inclusive of the shoes, the umbrella and gloves! Quiver makes really detailed dresses and I like the sculpted skirt of this dress. You can buy the gloves/shoes/umbrella separately, too. The gloves are 25L and I heart the lace stockings and gloves which I’ll be using in other outfits. The Le Cirque event ends on Sunday, so if you haven’t gone, this is a good time to check it out. I love the sim, it’s stunning!

Hair: Also by Nushru, available at the mainstore. I bought some of her hairs a while back. So like did you know Nushru does hairs too? Quiver makes VERY cool and unique hairs at an affordable price(150L!), I think her hair was a huge part of this photograph and the fringe makes it flattering on anyone. Plus it waves around yay.
Necklace: Paper Couture by Ava Lu (watch me overuse this necklace!)
tattoo: actchio. 50L

Pose: This evocative pose is by Katey Coppola of Glitterati, she has set it free as a couple pose including umbrella in her store. I think her store still has many items on sale, go visit 🙂

Photography: I was thrilled to find that Strawberry Singh had posted a very generous and comprehensive tutorial on how she takes her inworld photographs. It was a breakthrough moment for me because previously I’d been dying to know how she makes her subjects glow so beautifully. Now I can try to make my photos pretty, too!

I’d recommend that anyone who’s ever wondered how to take better photos check out her tutorial, it’s really easy 🙂 I’m still learning and trying hard!

P.S. Hey, my picture looks cool for the first time in my life. HAHA. Thanks Strawberry Singh!!!!




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