because I sn@tch it like that

7 05 2010

some of my favorite things ever, old and new from Sn@tch!

Cobweb tights that I bought twice haha. They only come with a full outfit and I gave the first pair to a friend because she admired them! (All Sn@tch items are trans.) Then I couldn’t really live without them so I bought them again haha. I think they’re very reminiscient of Rodarte.

skin: Mango, Mango!
sn@tch cobweb tights, part of outfit
sn@tch pavo peacock earrings which I’ve worn to death!
sn@tch T-Straps with socks, the socks color changes to 12 different colors! really feeling the textures and sculpt on these – sn@tch shoes just get better and better.
sn@tch laced corset in black/Lace (fatpack of fabrics) I can’t decide if I love the back or the front more!
sn@tch fishnet bodysuit: pants layer worn with corset
gloves: part of CheerNo.Deuil, Mortifera outfit
poses: Dare by Chance Greatex!
hair: Sky Everett
actchio. bloom, lotus tattoo: 30L here




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