swanlake masquerade in a teahouse

16 05 2010

Molto Bene’s Project Themeory item for 75L and Beetlebones’ Le Cirque gown 😀

New round of designers’ items at Le Cirque! Molto Bene has this Shabby Tea House with scripted doors out for Project Themeory, just 75L! I love how quaint and airy it is. I’m also showing Beetlebones’ Swanlake Masquerade gown, special item for the Le Cirque event – the designers have rotated once again! The skirt is so pretty and twirling in it makes the fabric layers rustle. I used animations instead of poses for these pictures. and YAY I asked sue to consider selling me a fatpack of her gacha flats because I played the gacha seven times and got only 2 items 😦 YAY I’m enchanted by these flats because they are identical to some korean flats!

Molto Bene’s Shabby Tea House – Project Themeory item, 75L! hurry get it before the day is over 😀
Beetlebones’ Swanlake Masquerade gown, available at Le Cirque! Mask is sold separately, also by Beetlebones, you can even buy the sculpts if you wish to make your own 🙂

Flats: 50L gacha flats at Beetlebones mainstore, soooo worth it because all the flats are beautiful and you probably will get a nice pair on the first try! I LOVE GACHA! (when the gacha is nice to me)

Necklaces: gorgeous semi-new release from Atelier AM!
bangles: YS&YS, The Deck gift
hair: Miel, The Deck gift
Earrings: Shade Throne!
Wood cross-cut bench with lamp, this gorgeous thing is from arcade by Izzy Berezynak!




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