sn@tch keeps it coming

6 06 2010

I lovelove love the Sn@tch plush skin in this particular makeup! The Plush skins are available for the crazy price of 250L per makeup and 625L for 4 makeups – they are pretty detailed skins with beautiful faces. Also showing my absolute favorites from some of the sn@tch releases, especially loving all things highwaisted and the after party minis with attached garters! Lots of spring basics and delicate camis with lace. The After Party skirts come in a whopping 8 colors, from houndstooth to plaid to black velvet, all of them for 250L!

sn@tch corset jeans in blue
sn@tch lace tanks!
sn@tch leather spiked wristband
jewellery: skream!
hair: mirai style
nails: MStyle sharp nails
bracelet on left hand: Shade Throne freebie (for group only, group join is 50L)

sn@tch lace cami ruffles (ha this is so un-Sn@tch-ish! prettiness)
sn@tch AFTER PARTY MINIS yayyy in houndstooth! I REALLY like the attached garters.
hair: Pididdle balloon hair, part of Lenore’s Dinner Party set. I bought the whole thing just because I wanted this hair heh.

sn@tch bandana-kini top in beige
sn@tch sailor highwaisted skirts!
hair: Kik
socks: Atomic for Project Themeory, Harajuku!
Sn@tch cheetah print platforms

sn@tch plush skin in porcelain babydoll
skream! necklaces: sylvanas necklace and my biggest fear necklace
bracelets: shade throne freebies (50L group join for the gift but so worth it!)
earrings: Vooner group gift

Poses by doll.
all tattoos and nude lace fishnets in #3 from actchio.




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8 06 2010
Ivey Deschanel

adorable as always!

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