Leona skin by Glam Affair

11 06 2010

Really striking skin by aida Ewing of Glam Affair! I have not retouched a single one of these photos other than cropping, and I think the skin is incredibly attractive. I especially love the eyeliner and super-natural blush! These are really youthful and fresh makeups.

I’m not someone who bothers much about bodies(I have skins with cut and paste private parts lol) but there’s something soft and glowy about the body, especially the shoulder blades and backside. A really flawless skin other than the beauty mark at the navel which just makes it recognizable.

I think that one of the special things about Glam Affair skins are the distinctive lip makeups, and the fatpack of the Leona skin caters to fans of their beautiful lips. One of the most well-rounded fatpacks I’ve seen in awhile, and personally I see the set as one in which I would be able to use every one of the makeups. At 4999 for 10 makeups, it’s also excellent value. I hope you try demos!

TP to right in front of the Leona skin section at Glam Affair!

Glam Affair also has some insanely unique lingerie – I was admiring their lingerie section when I saw the ads with chains twining around the models’ legs. I thought it was a beautiful idea and I examined the vendor to find that the chains actually came with the lingerie! I bought it for 379L but it comes with arm and leg chains as well as a collar, not to mention the lingerie itself. The Abyss-themed room with the lingerie and fallen angels is really a work of art, I spent a while in it just admiring (and choosing lingerie hahah)

TP to lingerie!

All poses are from marukin by Valencia Southard, check out her newly opened pose store for some blogger-friendly poses, especially if you like poses that happen to show your jewellery and nails perfectly!

skins: Glam Affair’s Leona in pale, 10 makeups. 999L per makeup, 4999L for the fatpack.
bra: comes with Fringe Leather Vest in black/brown, from Glam Affair’s new releases section. (exact surl)
bottom and leg cuffs: part of Glam Affair’s ANNA – White Lingerie.
hair: D!va
lashes: Hair [OH]
necklace: U&R Dogs
bracelet: Shade Throne group gift instore (50L to join group)
nails: Love Soul
sandals: Yabusaka




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