I got some slipster in my pants

18 06 2010

ohh laika!

The SLipsters are a couple of really really really good looking, well-dressed boys. Yes, in SL AND RL. Anyway, here’s my badge of fandom! This shirt is out for 50L Friday at Stella Semaphore’s store – it comes in a blank version as well. Here’s the LATFH inspiration for the shirt. If you’ve never read the SLipsters…. check out their lookbooks here!

I’m also showing the Lamb hair out for 50L Friday, it’s really flattering and the wrap changes a ton of colors! Love.

LAIKA THE SLIPSTER wifebeater: Cheap Makeup, 50L Friday item
both hairs: lamb, out for 50L Friday, although I’m wearing the color from a previous 50LF.
inner shirt: shampooo group gift
straw hat: cockles gacha, 40L per play! Fits perfectly over the hair from lamb!
skirts: MayoNaise by Tomoyo Breitman
leg tattoo: actchio
bracelets: mandala and shade throne
poses: Glitterati long hair poses




One response

18 06 2010

hooooo! latfh is on my newest must read sites list. love this reference…dunno if i can stand the triple irony of buying the tee shirt in sl but hey, kudos to you, you can pull anything off 😀

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