Lucy2 by Imabee

29 06 2010

click here to view a larger size of the makeups!

Lucy2 by <a href="Imabee“>Imabee! A really pretty, ethereal face, I especially like the lips which are more natural, instead of having the color filling the entire lip. Some really distinctive things about Lucy2 are the painted-on, delicate looking eyelashes and the light freckles. I’ve tried a few skins with freckles, but the few that I liked were Mango, Mango’s and Imabee’s freckles. The eyelashes look great by themselves, for those who don’t like prim eyelashes, but they also serve as a great base, so that if you wear prim eyelashes with them, your eyelashes will look thicker and more natural overall. The brows are also carefully pencilled in – I like that they’re not overpowering, just neat.

Body-wise – my favorite part is the cleavage. Imabee has some of my favorite cleavage – I think that some people don’t make the cleavage full or natural enough (ilke rocks.) but Imabee’s cleavage is soft and realistic. Also highlights at the stomach, shoulder bones and legs – all make Lucy2 a skin with a beautiful body.

I chose to show the skin in the tone “stigma”, a lightly tanned tone. I usually favor the palest tone, but I really like this particular tone for Lucy2, it shows the highlights well.

I think contact sheets are my favorite part of makeups – you can see all the makeups and how worthwhile it would be to get the fatpack, according to how much it would suit your personal taste. The Lucy2 makeups come in a range of lip colors, from nude to rose, as well as lots of pastel eyeshadows and light blush, nothing too harsh. Perfect for changing makeups on a daily basis(or changing your makeups every few minutes 😀 ), especially for those who favor natural, sweet looks!

Try demos at Imabee‘s mainstore – don’t forget to check out the newest release, Umeko and the current group gift skin at the cafe!

Skin: Lucy2 by Imabee in Stigma
hair: fashionably dead
boots: bukka
nose ring: zaara
necklace: U&R Dogs
nails and ring: love soul
bracelet: shade throne group gift instore (50L to join group)
earrings: Hucci, old dsn gift (I wanted to buy more, but I don’t see them instore!)
lingerie: whippet and buck




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