Umeko skin by Imabee

11 07 2010

Introducing Umeko by Imabee, in a pale/medium tone and a tan tone! I was thrilled when Brendon made an Asian skin because most asian skin makers might not have the best bodies, which makes it hard to use them for everyday looks.

Umeko has the best body of all the Asian skins that I’ve tried, especially the natural-looking cleavage layer which is included- usually I have to mix and match cleavage layers from other skins with other asian skins that I have, in order to get a more realistic look.

I’m very glad to show Umeko, which is flattering on all shapes, has a beautiful face and a high-quality body. Umeko also comes with a freckled and non-freckled version of each makeup, as well as light and dark brows (light freckles and light brows shown in the picture below!) I personally prefer the dark brows as I usually wear dark hair, but I like the freckles a lot- they’re subtle enough for an Asian face.

For me, what’s special about Umeko, as compared to Lucy2, is the lips and brows in particular. Brendon created a new, less-filled in brow, I REALLY LOVE the brows haha. There’s also a lot of detail in the lips to make them look more natural, instead of a completely even/matte look. The drawn-on eyelashes that were present in Lucy2 are also a little less obvious here, which is extremely in line with an asian face – in real life I practically don’t have eye lashes haha. But the lightly drawn, short eyelashes on Umeko make a good background for prim eyelashes to look a little thicker. Brendon also worked a lot on the nose, so it looks way more smooth than the beta skin, although noses aren’t something I notice much heh. I liked the nose even in the beta.

(click to view large!)

Showing the makeups in stem and stigma tones – all of the makeups are a good range, from super-natural to a little more made up. Brendon provides a choice of two fatpacks, so you can choose to get five of the makeups at 2500L, half price as compared to buying a single skin, which is just 900L. I like that Brendon does colorful, unique makeups as well as natural ones – my absolute favorites are solid gold and orchid.

I’m excited about sharing Umeko with you, I hope you try demos! Brendon has also given a group gift of Umeko in a natural, pretty makeup called grass field, available at the TP point, not to mention the GSH hunt gift, another makeup of Umeko, available at the octopus with 7 tentacles haha.

TP to Imabee and check out the new skin Umeko!

**These photos have not been enhanced in any way other than cropping in photoshop.

Umeko skin
by Imabee, in stem and stigma tones.

on left:
Luck Inc bikini in tartan, was a 50L friday edition.
sandals: DP Yumyum
hair: Ay.Line headband gacha hair

on right:
hair corsage: love love this headband! From the Ticky*Tacky starlight jewellery gacha, 13L per play!
armidi bikini
hair: Ay.Line headband gacha hair
nails: MStyle, long oval nails with ribbon, special christmas pack
shoelace sandals from surf co.

*fourth picture:
hair and earrings: and Dark Mouse group gift (join the subscribo for future group gifts)

last two pictures:
lamb and ay.line gacha hair




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