11 09 2010

MichaMi always exudes simplicity and elegance. The designs are unique, yet chic and easy to match- not to mention beautifully made and sculpted.

I was pretty impressed by the Jori dress because (I checked the vendor before buying haha) it comes with three different sizes to cater to all body types. Plus it’s mod, so it’s definitely possible to get a perfect fit. I think both the M and S sizes fit me fine, I didn’t adjust at all. It also comes with an inner top, but I chose to wear it with a Reek bikini! Have you ever seen anything like this dress? Unique pieces are worth the money to me, not that it’s expensive.. I love the back!

I haven’t seen their items on the feed as much lately, which is a pity because I feel like MichaMi items are really classic. I have to go back there soon, I think I wanted the Nina set but I couldn’t decide which color to get!

dress: MichaMi
bikini: reek
lovely ring: zaara(ahem I might have enlarged it violently)
headpiece, earrings and bracelets: zaara
sandals: Aoharu Walk
bag: Chanel bag from Coco (I really cannot for the life of me remember the creator right now, but I will add the slurl the next time I’m inworld! Please feel free to IM me inworld if you would like the LM.)




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