thinking of you.

14 10 2010




Quality over quantity. I feel like nowadays I’m wearing the exact things that I really love right now(or way longer than that). I’m enjoying being away from SL for a bit, but also being disciplined and only going on when I have the time. I can’t believe it’s actually possible, but yeah, I did it!

I don’t think I could ever walk away from SL though.. it’s way too magical. Just like this breathtaking place(Mad World project by isiss bade) and this super freaking gorgeous yukata/kimono from sweetaholic that was a treasured gift from someone special whom I’ll never forget, and the lovely zaara nose ring that really, should be a permanent fixture on my face, except that sometimes I wear eyelashes that take off the nose ring, but now that there are multiple tattoo layers there should be no excuse for that, and really that is too much information.

also a necklace from a great new-to-me jewellery store with exquisite creations- Aglaia. I bought a few pieces at the summer of love fair. I was hoping they wouldn’t disappoint and the quality and texture of the sculpts are just as awesome as some of the top brands. very good value for money, too. will have to go back for more, I really loved some of their pieces.

+my daily dose of cheap makeup from cheap makeup, gatcha lashes (verna is the one I wear with everything) and neon eyeliner. blusher and lip glosses are now available, too! the lip glosses are pretty genius, they come in 2 sizes to fit most avatars.. fits perfect on me. check out gogo’s beautiful review of them here! AND the damnpretty tattoo layer headdresses from last 50LF. loooveeee themmm so much I had to go through my entire hair folder and make a new folder of “hairs i can wear with tattoo layer headdresses” except i didn’t name the folder that.

I’m getting all fancy with the photography, can you tell? I just pretended I had a wide angle lens and added a teeny bit of fisheye. like 15%.. stems from my real life jealousy of my friend who brought a real life wide angle lens to the bird park today. PLUS the newspaper flying shot took like 38 shots to get the newspaper to fly in the perfect position….. grrrrr still pretty! && the first half-wink! that’s never happened before today haha.

Poses: Marukin by Valencia Southard who is reallyextremelyprettyandhotirl. wah.
Credit: Mad World Project location(isiss Bade) from Hybrid Ansar’s wonderful blog.




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