my beloved sn@tch

12 11 2010

Love, I get so lost sometimes.
Days pass, and this emptiness fills my heart.






Some beloved Sn@tch newness- Ivey makes has a ton of new releases each week, yet she always manages to make at least a few unique, standout pieces. I think my favorite is the military halter, part of “The Campaign” outfit and comes with capris! I paired them with the “Kinston says they’re a bitch” grommet pants. The off-shoulder velvet bodysuits are another gem, the sculpted chest and arm parts fit me perfectly without my having to resize. Also the new diamond-patterned kneesocks, I’m wearing them in grey!

sn@tch velvet bodysuit in green
sn@tch jewelled satin cuff, gems are color-change
sn@tch diamond kneesocks
sn@tch abbey boots, UK version. bought these to match another outfit and I keep wearing them!

sn@tch “the campaign” halter, comes with fluffy sculpted collar.
sn@tch grommet pants, part of “Kinston says they’re a bitch” outfit
sn@tch leather spiked cuff, the leather detail on these are incredible.
sn@tch goldfish bracelet (yay!)
sn@tch goosher boots in leopard print, one of the first shoes I ever bought.

cheap makeup gutter liner
ticky tacky spiked earrings, 15L per play at the gacha
all tattoos: actchio.
hairs: 99hair and Madesigns.




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