CHEAP MAKEUP for one eleven!

30 11 2010

Cheap Makeup usually retails for 40L per play at the gacha, here’s your chance to get a huge, limited edition fatpack at a real bargain of 600L, 35L per makeup. That’s even cheaper than buying them instore, and only 111 of this special set will ever be sold. Currently about half have been sold, so hurry and get it before it’s gone!

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

Honestly, my favorite makeup was the tattoo eyelashes. I loved Verna #11 from the gacha previously and these lower eyelashes are perfect for everyday. I thought that overall it was excellent value because the blushes are a good mix of bright and soft, goes well with all kinds of looks. At first I wasn’t sure about the lips because Stella has very different shaped lips from mine and I usually stick to her lipglosses, but someone said the lipstick looks pretty on me. I would’ve got the pack just for the eyelashes, eyeshadows and blushers!

As for the tattoo eyeshadows, there are two called “sleepy” which are sort of copper highlights, a smoky eyeshadow and three metallic “oil” eyeshadows. The smoky eyeshadow is pretty versatile and I actually love the way the others looked on me. At first I was a little hesitant to get the pack because I only really wanted the eyelashes, blusher and some of the eyeshadows, but fortunately the other items suit me. Anyway they’re trans so you can gift them to a friend if you wish!

These items are different from the normal Cheap Makeup items in the fact that the blush is actually much softer. I only own the blushers from the gatcha and I found some of them “popping” more for a dramatic effect. These new blushers are easy to blend in with your skin and cover a bit more area.

The eyeshadows are actually very versatile. The coppery ones are good to wear alone or mix with other eyeshadows as a highlight, the smokey one is quite a basic and the oil ones are super dramatic.. I love that.

Hahah I’m like always promoting Cheap Makeup but I’m sincerely glad to have found a makeup brand that suits my skin and shape, just like RL makeup.

I think something that’s important in makeup design in SL is, pretty much, the design, and I’m glad that I really like the same trends that Stella likes and chooses to recreate in her makeup. It just feels really young and sophisticated and I’m happy to have it on my face. A lot of her designs I can’t find elsewhere in SL, either, they’re that distinctive. Or when I’m looking on the feeds I can recognize her makeup immediately!

RIGHT and she chose to let the limited edition Cheap Makeup off at the same price/lower than she sells her normal products. I hope others take advantage of this chance to get her limited edition items!

TP to one eleven to get the limited edition fatpack for 600L.

TP to Cheap Makeup for other normal-priced makeups and makeup gatchas.

Beret: Tee*fy
tattoo headband: Cheap Makeup
hair: Yuna’s hair
dress: This Is A Fawn string dress, so pretty
belt: Shampooo, gift from a friend heh
nails: glamorize, 2L
skin: fd’s joy from 1-11 event, i think it’s sold out




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17 12 2012

Its not that clear in the photo (Blackberry cameras suck!) but the yellow and green eyeshadows truly popped! Can’t wait to use this for a shoot! Also can’t wait to visit that counter again as soon as it’s the end of the month; lots of bright liquid eyeliners and shimmery pigments with my name on them .

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