sparkling trees

4 01 2011




More of the Gypsys bows! Super pretty. They come in a set with a matching ribbon necklace. I’m wearing it with a kik hair that has a headband attached!

Still in love with the Michami Pia cutout leggings, I think they’ll always be my favorite and the most versatile/unique leggings that I own. I like the colors that they come in and I’ve never seen anything like them anywhere else. They also come with sculpted cuffs!

The R.icielli dress was 65L for two different studded jackets, a hot pink minidress and a pink sequined bra. And a lavender jumpsuit thing. All of that for 65L at The Dressing Room! I thought really carefully before I got it because I wanted to make sure that I would use all the items, but I really love R.icielli’s chic jackets anyway. And I love pink. And now I love R.icielli for giving us this awesome 65L promotion for TDR!

Launa Fauna’s lip makeups are one of my favorites in SL, I wear l.fauna and cheap makeup lips most of the time. The L.Fauna lips are so beautiful, I’ve found they’re suitable for a ton of different skins! They are only 35L for one lip and 60L for a pack of 3 lip makeups. AND they have demos! I recommend them to everyone who’s looking for lip makeups, they’re also available on Marketplace. (Search for L.Fauna makeup)

Really happy with the eyeliner I made ages ago, it’s the kind of eyeliner that’s kind of skanky and popular over here and I wear it most of the time in real life, so.. I really like it in SL! So much easier to throw eyeliner on in SL, I can never get it perfectly right on the first try irl. And sorry for the self praise LOL. eyeliner from actchio!

Oh anddd wearing with Lelutka Halloween gift shoes yay, they’re beautiful. And old subscribo gift socks from Mischief! (store is now closed)

I took these photos at my home with stax, love living with friends! That’s Valetta Gossipgirl‘s pretty house in the distance, my lovely neighbor! The trees with sparkling lights are only 3 prims and from MDRM, they are the best trees in the world. The bar and alchohol are also from MDRM. My life and money is spent on perpetually going to MDRM and ARIA and buying things.

Poses by Tomoyo Breitman/MayoNaise!




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