21 11 2011





Hello! Here are the prettiest vintage red lipsticks from Cheap Makeup at Vintage Fair and all of my other new favorite things. Cheap Makeup‘s handpainted lips are completely different with every release so it’s nice to match them with various skins – even if the other CM lipsticks didn’t quite suit your skin of choice, I think these new lipsticks would! They’re still on my mouth after a few daily skin-changes and I have the feeling they’ll be my go-to red lipsticks from now on. I’m most attracted to the brightest Carmine color actually.

These Beetlebones Mesh Slouchy Suspender Pants were hailed with happiness on plurk haha! Suetabulous Yootz was one of the first few people to create gorgeous mesh items and I remember being really excited to demo them because they looked beautiful in the ad which showed all the ways that mesh pants can move seamlessly. I modified my fats a bit to fit into the S size and I’m happy with the result. It took me awhile to decide which color to buy because I was deciding between blue, the darker blue and grey. I’m kind of awed by the way that the pants look so smooth and flowy, especially the pocket wrinkles – SUE! You are damn talenteds canz.

The u.f.o knotted headband is something dearly treasured because I remember playing the u.f.o. headband gacha with Tomoyo, and Tomoyo even helped me play some of it(I gave her money then she paid the vendor. Haha!) because i was darn unlucky and I kept getting the “other” kind of headband instead of this precious knotted one that I super-wanted. (Even though Tomoyo likes the other kind better!) I just visited u.f.o‘s store, bought a pretty top and won some lucky boards, check out u.f.o!

I have really missed blogging and I hope I’ll catch up soon enough!

**Poses by Marukin!




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