Hello! I’m a “blogger”. So what? I’m nobody. 😀

I believe that (clothing-wise) anything in SL is possible in RL. I hate it when people make beautiful styles and say – “oh, I’d never dare to wear this in RL” or “this is impossible for me to wear in RL. Honestly, it is. If you wanted to enough, (and I guess you don’t want to) you could, and you should. Fashion is art. Anything is acceptable, everything is possible…. I guess that’s why my sister likes to follow behind me in real life and announce “OMG!!!! that woman who just walked past you turned her head like 360degrees to stare at you!!!” yes she’s easily entertained but I don’t care.

Maybe SL is sometimes about living dreams you could never hope to achieve in RL. Yet how depressing is that? Style is so, so possible. You can’t have a house or a pool or a perfect face, but you can put clothes on your body. I don’t care if you’re fat, I struggle with these issues myself. Don’t tell me there are no fat stylish people. Everyone, STOP wearing your tshirts and jeans every damn day! *tears hair out* Why would you ever want to look like anyone else? I might be a freak, but I don’t want to look like everyone else. I can’t stand looking like everyone else.


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14 06 2011
Chermy Jewell

Hi, how can I reach you in SL ?

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