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17 07 2010

poses by actchio (boy poses set)

RAHH this skin! I was looking around at the Tic Tac Toe mall and found a new shop that I loved, ANA* ! I tried on the skins and was surprised to find that I really loved the skins and makeups. Best of all, the fatpack was 400L!!!!! The owner was next to me lol and looking beautiful in her own skins. So I couldn’t resist and gobbled up the fatpack! I don’t buy skins on impulse, usually, but I really loved the face on this skin. There are two packs of poses for 10L at ANA*, too. Tic Tac Toe is the coolest place to shop! **note that when I went back to the store, the skins and skin demo was gone, so please contact Abiru Mosely for demos I guess? I think she’s renovating the mainstore.

At Tic Tac Toe, I found another shop called MEES and I’m really feeling their sculpted tshirt dresses. I got the striped one, too. This one’s the white shirtdress! I love that shop, full of vintagey florals and dresses!

Wearing the nicest socks from Miel and Miel boots! and this WONDERFUL hat from G Field. And a chanel reporter bag from a French shop, Coco & Co! Hair from 69, scarf attached to hair. Yay LV print.

Here’s Alan’s and my sort of home! 🙂 My stuff and Alan made the rug, haha.



1 07 2010

gems and kisses necklace, this is so unique and perfect. Also a chic dress by Michami, you get two dresses in different colorblocks per pack. I love Michami‘s clothing, I find the designs really classy, not to mention a lot of beautifully hand-drawn, unique, high-quality pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

My eternally beloved MStyle nails with color-change for every individual nail – I wear them so much, I feel less bad about paying 800L for them. Heh. special treat to myself. I love MStyle nails, they make me happy!

Poses: Snooky’s Poses
Also wearing Tiny Bird hair, Digit Darkes gloves, Doux Couture tights, 50 flats ciggy flats for designer’s united3.

the fashion circus

19 04 2010

Here’re some of my favorite outfits ever, part of the Le Cirque event – *BOOM*’s stunning bangles and another creation from House of Hucci. I think the bright colors of the bangles go perfectly with the vibrant Hucci dress – I especially love the extra flared skirt. I’m also wearing the Kiki dress by Opa’s Boutique by Topaz Jobert, congratulations to her on the opening of her store! 😀 I heart the brocade skirt and bustier ❤

The Le Cirque event ends Sunday – hurry and check out the exclusive, themed items if you haven't yet!

Bangles: Le Cirque exclusive bangles, Aranel Ah for *BOOM*
Outfit, includes dress and hat: Hucci by Eboni Khan, exclusive item for the Le Cirque event.
Dress: Opa’s Boutique, special item. Kiki in black for Le Cirque
Skin: Den-Dou gacha
2nd skin: Tik Tok by Mia McAuley
Hair: Yuna hair

Location and pose: Le Cirque sim carousel!
Photography tutorial by Strawberry Singh used in making this photograph.

“me and the moon”

17 04 2010

Nushru by Quiver Quintessa has this AMAZING, complete outfit out for just 250L at Le Cirque, inclusive of the shoes, the umbrella and gloves! Quiver makes really detailed dresses and I like the sculpted skirt of this dress. You can buy the gloves/shoes/umbrella separately, too. The gloves are 25L and I heart the lace stockings and gloves which I’ll be using in other outfits. The Le Cirque event ends on Sunday, so if you haven’t gone, this is a good time to check it out. I love the sim, it’s stunning!

Hair: Also by Nushru, available at the mainstore. I bought some of her hairs a while back. So like did you know Nushru does hairs too? Quiver makes VERY cool and unique hairs at an affordable price(150L!), I think her hair was a huge part of this photograph and the fringe makes it flattering on anyone. Plus it waves around yay.
Necklace: Paper Couture by Ava Lu (watch me overuse this necklace!)
tattoo: actchio. 50L

Pose: This evocative pose is by Katey Coppola of Glitterati, she has set it free as a couple pose including umbrella in her store. I think her store still has many items on sale, go visit 🙂

Photography: I was thrilled to find that Strawberry Singh had posted a very generous and comprehensive tutorial on how she takes her inworld photographs. It was a breakthrough moment for me because previously I’d been dying to know how she makes her subjects glow so beautifully. Now I can try to make my photos pretty, too!

I’d recommend that anyone who’s ever wondered how to take better photos check out her tutorial, it’s really easy 🙂 I’m still learning and trying hard!

P.S. Hey, my picture looks cool for the first time in my life. HAHA. Thanks Strawberry Singh!!!!

pda is dead on its feet.

14 04 2010

pose: totally adore this pose, pda at Pose Fair, last chance to get Izzy’s poses!

hiii! some gorgeous things from Pookie Promenade designers like MayoNaise, Tee*fy and Beetle Bones! Also the nicest La Gyo (Gyorgyna Larnia) necklace from past DU3, love her stuff. was a treasured present from ding:):) And this bag to die for from Bags of Style (holly Somerset), worth checking out!

Sweater with sculpted pearl detail on the shoulders and OMG FRINGE skirt!!, MayoNaise. super pretty sculpts by Tomo’s zai Maya skillz!!
Leggings from Tee*fy gacha, 30L
Flats from Beetle Bones gacha, 50L. Please IM me if you want to trade, I played 7 times and I got two designs only 😦 This is a gacha worth playing though, because I feel that every single design is beautiful! The flats are the exact Korean flats design that I’ve seen in RL. Mmmhmmm 🙂
Aoharu hair (omg hair with hats, diesss.)

Oh and this is our house, kind of, haha. I like it a lot.

the painter

4 04 2010

Bliensen+MaiTai has the coolest hair out – I love unique things! There are paintbrushes poked through the hair and even a mouth-paintbrush included. Perfect for arty looks, art students or randomness like me. I’m also wearing the nicest dress and necklace from Happy Finds. That store rocks, her baggy tees go with everything. She also gives the BEST group gift – I adore this skull necklace with roses hiding in it. Also wearing arm-warmers from TazzMania, 30L with prim cuffs.


3 04 2010

[glow] studio has the COOLEST earrings out – they’re animated and the texture scrolls downwards. definitely statement pieces. Each set comes with three different textures, I’m wearing the white set here. Also a new release – delicate wired necklaces in gold and silver!

Theory. by Prudence Skytower is open! The store sells affordable poses, pose props and clothing. All poses come with pose props for 20L, and Prudence is a builder so there are some really interesting, well made props like a railroad track that I can’t wait to take pictures with.

I also got this zebra shirt for 25L at theory., am probably heading back to buy the pink. or green. or fatpack.

B. O. S. (creator: holly Somerset) just reopened their store – I’m addicted to their bags!

boots: stiletto moody
skirt: R.icielli
hair: BP (creator: BettiePage Voyager)
gloves: TazzMania (creator: Topaz Tomsen)
fishnets: Sn@tch (creator: Ivey Deschanel)

P.S. Sorry about the lack of surls, couldn’t access SL 😦