24 12 2010


hair: lelutka feather hairpiece (comes with lola skin)
sweater: beetle bones, beautifully sculpted.
shorts: milk motion for the dressing room
belt: r.icielli, part of one of the coats
shoes: gfield ribbon pumps
leopard socks: milk motion
bag: lelutka, old gift
leg tattoos: actchio

pose by marukin
photograph taken in ARIA with Yelo Uriza’s kind permission! All accessories are below 100L and low prim, furniture prices vary. I think I’m just going to pretend I live in ARIA forever!


CHEAP MAKEUP for one eleven!

30 11 2010

Cheap Makeup usually retails for 40L per play at the gacha, here’s your chance to get a huge, limited edition fatpack at a real bargain of 600L, 35L per makeup. That’s even cheaper than buying them instore, and only 111 of this special set will ever be sold. Currently about half have been sold, so hurry and get it before it’s gone!

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

cheap makeup for one eleven <3

Honestly, my favorite makeup was the tattoo eyelashes. I loved Verna #11 from the gacha previously and these lower eyelashes are perfect for everyday. I thought that overall it was excellent value because the blushes are a good mix of bright and soft, goes well with all kinds of looks. At first I wasn’t sure about the lips because Stella has very different shaped lips from mine and I usually stick to her lipglosses, but someone said the lipstick looks pretty on me. I would’ve got the pack just for the eyelashes, eyeshadows and blushers!

As for the tattoo eyeshadows, there are two called “sleepy” which are sort of copper highlights, a smoky eyeshadow and three metallic “oil” eyeshadows. The smoky eyeshadow is pretty versatile and I actually love the way the others looked on me. At first I was a little hesitant to get the pack because I only really wanted the eyelashes, blusher and some of the eyeshadows, but fortunately the other items suit me. Anyway they’re trans so you can gift them to a friend if you wish!

These items are different from the normal Cheap Makeup items in the fact that the blush is actually much softer. I only own the blushers from the gatcha and I found some of them “popping” more for a dramatic effect. These new blushers are easy to blend in with your skin and cover a bit more area.

The eyeshadows are actually very versatile. The coppery ones are good to wear alone or mix with other eyeshadows as a highlight, the smokey one is quite a basic and the oil ones are super dramatic.. I love that.

Hahah I’m like always promoting Cheap Makeup but I’m sincerely glad to have found a makeup brand that suits my skin and shape, just like RL makeup.

I think something that’s important in makeup design in SL is, pretty much, the design, and I’m glad that I really like the same trends that Stella likes and chooses to recreate in her makeup. It just feels really young and sophisticated and I’m happy to have it on my face. A lot of her designs I can’t find elsewhere in SL, either, they’re that distinctive. Or when I’m looking on the feeds I can recognize her makeup immediately!

RIGHT and she chose to let the limited edition Cheap Makeup off at the same price/lower than she sells her normal products. I hope others take advantage of this chance to get her limited edition items!

TP to one eleven to get the limited edition fatpack for 600L.

TP to Cheap Makeup for other normal-priced makeups and makeup gatchas.

Beret: Tee*fy
tattoo headband: Cheap Makeup
hair: Yuna’s hair
dress: This Is A Fawn string dress, so pretty
belt: Shampooo, gift from a friend heh
nails: glamorize, 2L
skin: fd’s joy from 1-11 event, i think it’s sold out

my beloved sn@tch

12 11 2010

Love, I get so lost sometimes.
Days pass, and this emptiness fills my heart.






Some beloved Sn@tch newness- Ivey makes has a ton of new releases each week, yet she always manages to make at least a few unique, standout pieces. I think my favorite is the military halter, part of “The Campaign” outfit and comes with capris! I paired them with the “Kinston says they’re a bitch” grommet pants. The off-shoulder velvet bodysuits are another gem, the sculpted chest and arm parts fit me perfectly without my having to resize. Also the new diamond-patterned kneesocks, I’m wearing them in grey!

sn@tch velvet bodysuit in green
sn@tch jewelled satin cuff, gems are color-change
sn@tch diamond kneesocks
sn@tch abbey boots, UK version. bought these to match another outfit and I keep wearing them!

sn@tch “the campaign” halter, comes with fluffy sculpted collar.
sn@tch grommet pants, part of “Kinston says they’re a bitch” outfit
sn@tch leather spiked cuff, the leather detail on these are incredible.
sn@tch goldfish bracelet (yay!)
sn@tch goosher boots in leopard print, one of the first shoes I ever bought.

cheap makeup gutter liner
ticky tacky spiked earrings, 15L per play at the gacha
all tattoos: actchio.
hairs: 99hair and Madesigns.

thinking of you.

14 10 2010




Quality over quantity. I feel like nowadays I’m wearing the exact things that I really love right now(or way longer than that). I’m enjoying being away from SL for a bit, but also being disciplined and only going on when I have the time. I can’t believe it’s actually possible, but yeah, I did it!

I don’t think I could ever walk away from SL though.. it’s way too magical. Just like this breathtaking place(Mad World project by isiss bade) and this super freaking gorgeous yukata/kimono from sweetaholic that was a treasured gift from someone special whom I’ll never forget, and the lovely zaara nose ring that really, should be a permanent fixture on my face, except that sometimes I wear eyelashes that take off the nose ring, but now that there are multiple tattoo layers there should be no excuse for that, and really that is too much information.

also a necklace from a great new-to-me jewellery store with exquisite creations- Aglaia. I bought a few pieces at the summer of love fair. I was hoping they wouldn’t disappoint and the quality and texture of the sculpts are just as awesome as some of the top brands. very good value for money, too. will have to go back for more, I really loved some of their pieces.

+my daily dose of cheap makeup from cheap makeup, gatcha lashes (verna is the one I wear with everything) and neon eyeliner. blusher and lip glosses are now available, too! the lip glosses are pretty genius, they come in 2 sizes to fit most avatars.. fits perfect on me. check out gogo’s beautiful review of them here! AND the damnpretty tattoo layer headdresses from last 50LF. loooveeee themmm so much I had to go through my entire hair folder and make a new folder of “hairs i can wear with tattoo layer headdresses” except i didn’t name the folder that.

I’m getting all fancy with the photography, can you tell? I just pretended I had a wide angle lens and added a teeny bit of fisheye. like 15%.. stems from my real life jealousy of my friend who brought a real life wide angle lens to the bird park today. PLUS the newspaper flying shot took like 38 shots to get the newspaper to fly in the perfect position….. grrrrr still pretty! && the first half-wink! that’s never happened before today haha.

Poses: Marukin by Valencia Southard who is reallyextremelyprettyandhotirl. wah.
Credit: Mad World Project location(isiss Bade) from Hybrid Ansar’s wonderful blog.


4 10 2010





Love the new berets from Tee*fy! Beautiful sculpts as always, and it really goes with my everyday hair, heh. Also wearing pretty things from u.f.o, the perfect sculpted crop top with roses on the straps, and a floral bandage skirt. And my everyday Cheap Makeup eyeliner in neon pink and cheap makeup gatcha tattoo eyelashes, perfect for layering under one another.. what did I ever do before cheap makeup and multiple tattoo layers?

+All my beloved go-to jewellery, Shade Throne‘s machang watch and an old group gift, the feather earring.

All poses by marukin!
candy nails‘ snow white nails.
lamb hair
99 elephants tattoo hair base
photos taken at nordari/Jordan Giant’s beautiful sim.


19 09 2010

hair: lamb
cape and dress: luster, now closed
shoes with socks: pixel mode
tights: doux couture

harajuku sn@tch

13 09 2010

Some of my favorite old and new sn@tch things, especially the boots!

I was absolutely thrilled to see the trapped dove tophat while wandering around the store, I had to have it immediately and see if my other pretty sn@tch things went with it. I think I purchased the peacock feather earrings at Alt Fair, probably the best sn@tch earrings ever made.

I’m really happy with the way these pictures turned out, I hope it does justice to my sn@tch! I also really like the leona skin by glam affair with red lips and light brows, I feel like it works with this look. Still a skin I keep coming back to. I also feel like this look is very me, because it has rainbow, peacock feathers, leopard print, spiky hair, red lips, studs and fierce shoes in it, all at the same time 😀

caged dove tophat, Sn@tch
lace cami, Sn@tch
leopard print skirt with attached suspenders and socks (after party minis!), Sn@tch
platform boots, Sn@tch
leather spiked bracelet, Sn@tch

skin: Leona skin by Glam Affair (direct slurl to skin)

denim vest: argrace, was abandoned by Neva lol. Ana got the chest attachment and I got the spine attachment! Thank you Neva! Sorry your breasts were too big for the vest xD

hair from ronsem
chain bracelet on left hand, group gift (50L to join group) from Shade Throne
nails: MStyle
gloves: League
tattoos: actchio.

Poses from DARE by Chance Greatex, they really made the pictures!